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Professional mobile caravan tyre fitting service bringing expert care to you, wherever you are. Our skilled technicians are here to ensure your caravan is always ready for the road.



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Confirm Your Tyre Size

Check your Caravan’s tyre sizing so we can ensure a good fit. 

Send Us Your Location

Send us your postcode or drop us a location pin.

Choose Your New Tyres

Choose from branded or economy tyres. 

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Get Back On The Road

We replace your Caravan’s tyres to get you back on the road ASAP.

Checking Your Caravan Tyres

Inspect the DOT code

Check the date of manufacture indicated by the DOT code on your tyre. If the tyres are older than six years, they should be replaced, regardless of their apparent condition.

Evaluate tread depth

Ensure the tread depth exceeds the legal minimum of 1.6mm. If there’s not enough tread depth, it can compromise traction and safety.

Monitor inflation pressure

Check the inflation pressure regularly. If your tyres require an inflation pressure of 50 psi or higher, replace them after five years, as high-pressure tyres are more susceptible to ageing.

Examine tyre valves

Inspect the caravan’s tyre valves to ensure they are properly aligned and undamaged, as faulty valves can lead to air leaks and pressure issues.

Look for visible damage

If a tyre has any blistering, ruptures, or damage from a foreign object, it should be replaced immediately to prevent potential failures.

Inspect Properly

Inspect both sides of the tyre, including the side facing away from you, for any punctures or lodged debris that may have gone unnoticed.

Our Caravan Tyre Fitting Service

Mobile Tyre Buddy offers a complete caravan tyre fitting service to keep your caravan safe and roadworthy. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to handle all your caravan’s tyre fitting needs. When you choose our service, you can expect:

With Mobile Tyre Buddy, you can have peace of mind knowing that your caravan’s tyres are expertly cared for to guarantee safe and enjoyable journeys in your caravan.

Benefits of Our Caravan Tyre Fitting Service

Expert care

Our skilled technicians ensure proper tyre fitment, alignment, and balancing for optimal performance and safety.

Peace of mind

Knowing your caravan’s tyres are in the best condition after our services give you confidence on the road. 


Our mobile service comes directly to your location, saving you time and hassle.

How Long Do Caravan Tyres Last?

The lifespan of caravan tyres depends on various factors, including usage, storage conditions, and proper maintenance. Most tyre manufacturers recommend replacing caravan tyres every 5 to 7 years, regardless of tread depth or apparent condition, because the rubber can degrade over time due to exposure to sunlight, heat, and other weather conditions, even if the tyres look fine.

Are Caravan Tyres And Van Tyres The Same?

While both are designed to handle higher loads than regular car tyres, caravan tyres often require specific features like UV resistance to prevent degradation from sunlight and are selected based on the caravan’s weight to ensure safety and compliance.

Why Choose Mobile Tyre Buddy?


Emergencies don’t stick to a schedule, and neither do we. Our caravan tyre fitting service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s late at night, early in the morning, or during the weekend, we’re ready to assist you.

Any Location

Whether you’re stranded on the roadside or just need a quick fix at home, our team of experts will come to you and get your tires repaired or replaced in no time. We cover all locations in the UK, so you never have to worry about being left stranded again.

Expert Fitters

Our team of experienced caravan tyre fitters always provides superior service, ensuring peace of mind on the road. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and our ability to provide solutions that get you back on your way with minimal delay. 

Our team of experts provides mobile caravan tyre fitting services across the UK, wherever you may be stranded. Whether you’re on the roadside, at home, or anywhere else in need of tyre repair or replacement, we’ve got your back. Trust us to get you back on the road quickly and confidently.